Nakusp and Area Community Forest


Nakusp and Area Community Forest Inc. (NACFOR) strives to balance economic, ecological and social concerns in a manner that optimizes benefits for both the local and global community.


  1. Ensure the sustainability of area forests
  2. Optimize revenues from harvested timber
  3. Promote community stability
  4. Improve forest worker and public safety
  5. Promote community involvement in local forest management


In 2011, the Ministry of Forests and Natural Resource Operations converted Nakusp and Area Community Forests (NACFOR)’s 5 Year Probationary Community Forest licence to a 25 Year Agreement.   The conversion to a long term tenure was another important step in NACFOR’s ongoing evolution as a community based forest licence.
The Village of Nakusp is the owner and sole shareholder of NACFOR.  NACFOR is governed by an eight member Board of Directors composed of a diverse and representative cross-section of the community, including the Village of Nakusp Council and the RDCK.  Click here to view the Board of Director profile for more information on the members.
NACFOR is managed by True North Forestry Consulting Ltd of Nakusp.  True North brings extensive experience in all areas of forest management and provides a team that is extremely knowledgeable about both local forestry and community concerns.
NACFOR has licenced tenure within the Slewiskin (McDonald Creek) drainage, along the south side of the Box-Summit Lake highway corridor, and small areas in the Fosthall, Galena Bay, Wilson Creek, Kuskanax Creek and Wensley Creek areas.    The Area Map and the Management Plan contained within this website provides more information on the NACFOR operating areas.
NACFOR strives to balance ecological, social and economic values in a manner that optimizes benefits for communities of the Arrow Lakes and Province of BC.