Below is a list of frequently asked questions about the Community Forest in general.

If you are looking specifically for information about Western Toad management at Summit Lake, please go to this page.

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1.  What is a Community Forest License?

It is a legal tenure agreement with the Provincial Government which gives a community timber harvesting rights to a certain annual volume of timber within a defined area. Forest management obligations are attached to the right to harvest. Community forests also hold rights to non-timber forest products (NTFP).

2.  Where is the license area located?

See the map on the website.

3.  What does ‘Nakusp and area’ mean, exactly?

It means Nakusp and RDCK Area K.

4.  How large is NACFOR’s operating area?

It is just under 10,000 hectares, 67 percent of which is operable from a timber harvesting perspective.

5.  How much timber will the Community Forest harvest annually?

The Annual Allowable Cut is 20,000 cubic meters or about 500 logging truck loads.

6.  What are the advantages to the community of holding a Community Forest License?

There are many, but some of the most obvious benefits are a) increased control over local forest resources, b) increased public input into the management of those resources, c) profits re-distributed within the community, d) increased local employment and e) increased available timber supply for local manufacturers.

7.  Who holds the license?

Nakusp and Area Community Forest (2013) Inc. (NACFOR) is the license holder.

8.  Who owns NACFOR?

The Village of Nakusp is the sole owner and shareholder.

9.  Who runs NACFOR?

An eight-member board of directors made up of representation from the Village and the RDCK controls governance. True North Forestry Consulting Ltd has been hired to manage forestry operations.

11.  How is the timber being sold?

On the open market.  Efforts are made to ensure local manufacturers have access to supply needs.

12.  What’s being done with the profits?

Profits from early operations were used to build a reserve fund.   Since 2014 the NACFOR Board has run a Donations Program whereby approximately $50,000 in donations are awarded to organizations within the Arrow Lakes region (Nakusp and RDCK Area K).   See our Donations Program page for more information and for a list of donations to date.    Also, in 2014 the Village of Nakusp established Bylaw 653, 2014 NACFOR Legacy Fund where NACFOR profits (dividends to the Village) will be held for future distribution.   The intent of the Board of Directors and Village Council is that these dividends will be used to fund projects which have broad community benefit (including projects outside the Village boundaries) and that will have a lasting effect on the community. Dividends will not be used for ongoing Village operations or capital expenditures of a routine nature.   See our Legacy Fund page for more information and for a list of projects that have benefitted from these funds.