Box Mountain WRR Project

Update March 25, 2021:
Following is NACFOR’s presentation to Nakusp Village Council on March 22, 2021, and supporting documents:
NACFOR Presentation to Council 22Mar2021
Wildfire Risk Reduction Context Around Nakusp (Map)
Proposed Fuel Management Treatment – Unit 6 (Map)
Project Plan Timeline

Update March 23, 2021:
The proposed fuel treatment units around rural Nakusp integrate treatment areas identified in the Community Wildfire Protection Plan (2017) into a community-scale wildfire fuel break for the purpose of protecting values and infrastructure in the Wildland-Urban Interface and Village of Nakusp. The following animation was produced by the RDCK Wildfire Risk Reduction Group, which is a pilot project in which NACFOR is participating over multiple years:
View the draft Nakusp Community Wildfire Resiliency animation here (60 mb in mp4 format).

Update March 9, 2021:

The Box Mountain fuel treatment project is in the early stages and we are at the front end of consultation specific to Unit 6 – there will be ongoing opportunities for consultation as it moves forward. We think a clear understanding of the entire project process would be useful at this point, and we are currently preparing an information document to be published on our website and distributed to stakeholders.

As with other community forest projects, NACFOR is taking a careful and cautious approach to the wildfire risk reduction work, and we are willing to work respectfully with all stakeholders to ensure the best outcome for everyone.

Box Mountain Unit 7 has been identified in the Community Wildfire Protection Plan as a potential future WRR project and will undergo a similar planning, development and consultation process and timeline if and when initiated by NACFOR.

Background February 5, 2021: (map updated to March 22, 2021)

Box Mountain Unit 6 was identified for fuel management treatment under the 2018 Nakusp and RDCK Area K Community Wildfire Protection Plan.

Forests in the wildland urban interface around Nakusp are a significant wildfire hazard due to high accumulation of fuels typical of dense forest stands in the Arrow Lakes area. Forest stands in the vicinity of Box Mountain have recently been affected by Douglas-fir bark beetle and other forest health issues, further increasing wildfire risk.

Much of the wildfire risk can be mitigated through the use of fuel treatments and FireSmart initiatives in residential interface areas.

The Box Mountain Unit 6 treatment unit contributes to the planned community-scale fuel break around the Village of Nakusp and rural Nakusp (the wildland-urban interface).

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The Prescription Summary document is currently in a revision process and will be replaced here soon.

Proposed Fuel Management Treatment – Unit 6 (Map) – March 22, 2021