Area K Communities are Getting FireSmart!

Local FireSmart program coordinator, Bree Lillies, helped residents of Rosebery, Arrow Park, and Edgewood become fire smart around their homes over the month of June. In Rosebery, 11 youth and other volunteers helped clear branches and dry vegetation from 10 properties on the south side of Wilson Creek. The youth were paid via the $500 FireSmart Community Wildfire Preparedness funds and a partnership with the Youth Outlet (New Denver youth centre) work experience grant. Once workers were all seen in action, a couple of more property owners joined in. A BBQ, and sign presentation wrapped up the day, with seven dump trailer loads of debris hauled away. Impressive! The other Area K FireSmart events are included in the posters below. Keep an eye out for community FireSmart events in your area.


RoseberyFireSmart RoseberyFireSmart


FireSmartArrowPark EdgewoodFireSmart RoseberyFireSmart


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