Educational Connections 2016

NACFOR and School District 10 Arrow Lakes have developed a partnership for the betterment of kids and community. See the following slideshow for more information.

NACFOR/SD10 Partnership slideshow (4.1mb pdf) (February 2016)

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Educational Connections 2013-2015

Educational Connections slideshow (3.0mb pdf) (May 2014)

NACFOR is committed to developing partnerships with local schools, Selkirk College and UBC.

In the fall of 2013 the second-year forestry class from Selkirk College in Castlegar spent two days on the Nakusp community forest. The purpose of the field trip was to provide an opportunity for the students to develop field skills in an operational setting and to foster a partnership between NACFOR and Selkirk College as part of NACFOR’s management commitments. The program was a great success and the 2014 class of students also conducted a field trip here in 2014.

During three sunny days in May NACFOR partnered with School District #10 on a Growing Innovation Grant project through UBC to explore reconciliation through art. About 100 students from New Denver and Nakusp schools worked with Eloise Charet, a local Aboriginal artist, to learn about harvesting cedar bark for weaving. The project took place at a site on the community forest in the McDonald Creek area.

On May 16, 2014 NACFOR hosted four classes from NES on a field trip to CP 103 in the McDonald Creek area. The students learned about how seedlings grow and planted a few trees. Each tree was labelled with their name so they can track their tree’s growth over time. Planting was followed by a fun picnic at McDonald Creek park.

The Nakusp Secondary School Outdoor Education class spent a day in the field with NACFOR on June 5, 2014. The goal was to introduce the students to forest ecology and stand management concepts followed by a few hours of production planting. Greenpeaks Resource Management, a local tree planting contractor, assisted with training and provided equipment.