Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP)

The Nakusp and Area K Community Wildfire Protection Plan was begun in 2017 and completed in 2018.  For introductory information about CWPPs, please click the following thumbnail images:


The following files are available for download:

Slideshow – Community Presentation slideshow 2018

Report – Nakusp and Area K Community Wildfire Protection Plan (2018)

Map Appendices:

Map 1 Area of Interest

Map 2 Values at Risk

Map 3 Fire Regime Ecology and Climate Change

Map 4a PSTA Threat Rating

Map 4b PSTA Spotting Impact

Map 4c PSTA Head Fire Intensity

Map 4d PSTA Historical Fire Density

Map 5a Fire History Lightning Caused

Map 5b Fire History Human Caused

Map 6 Fuel Type

Map 7 Local Fire Risk

Map 8 Fuel Treatment

The proposed fuel treatment units around rural Nakusp integrate treatment areas identified in the Community Wildfire Protection Plan (2017) into a community-scale wildfire fuel break for the purpose of protecting values and infrastructure in the Wildland-Urban Interface and Village of Nakusp. The following animation was produced by the RDCK Wildfire Risk Reduction Group, which is a pilot project in which NACFOR is participating over multiple years:
View the draft Nakusp Community Wildfire Resiliency animation here (60 mb in mp4 format).