FireSmart Program

July 12, 2021

FireSmart Rebate Program! How to get an up to $500 rebate by Firesmarting your home:


June 21, 2021

Area K Communities are Getting FireSmart! 

Rosebery, Arrow Park, and Edgewood have all been undergoing FireSmart preparedness days with FireSmart program coordinator, Bree Lillies. Check out our post here for details about the events:

FREE FireSmart Assessments for Nakusp and Area, Find Out How You Can Get A $500 Rebate!



May 19, 2021:
The Nakusp and area FireSmart program is up and running for the season!

FREE FireSmart assessments are available along with a new rebate program for the 2021 season. To book an in-depth property assessment with your local Wildfire Mitigation Specialist call: 250-352-1539 or book online: FireSmart Assessment Application

Take a listen to this informative interview on the Get FireSmart Podcast to better understand what FireSmart is all about:

FireSmart is a community led program intended to educate, promote, and implement wildfire mitigation efforts.  The program is administered by the RDCK with funding provided by a grants obtained by the Village of Nakusp with NACFOR as a partner.

FireSmart homes and neighbourhoods allow fire fighters to concentrate on fighting the wildfire – which ultimately saves more homes and lives.  Communities whose residents take steps to reduce their vulnerability have a greater chance of surviving a wildfire without the intervention of the fire department.  The program draws on a community’s spirit and its willingness to take responsibility for reducing wildfire risks.

Have you prepared your home for a forest fire?  Do you know what to look for?  Visit the RDCK website for information about the FireSmart program and scheduling a free FireSmart home assessment.  A few easy, low cost improvements could save your home and community from a wildfire.

The Wildfire Mitigation Specialist and Local FireSmart Representative for Nakusp and Area K is:
Bree Lillies
Cell: 250-354-8120

Following are planned events for 2021:
May 22nd – Nakusp Farmer’s Market (booth)
June 6th – Burton Farmer’s Market (booth)
June 8th 6:30pm – Edgewood Community Presentation
June 26th – Nakusp Farmer’s Market (booth)
June 27th – Village of Nakusp Community Wildfire Preparedness Day Chipping Event
July 4th – Burton Farmer’s Market (booth)
July 17th – Edgewood Farmer’s Market (booth)
August 7th – Nakusp Farmer’s Market (booth)

Other planned 2021 events, dates TBD:
Nakusp Fire Hall Presentation
Burton Fire Hall/Community Presentation
West Arrow Park FireSmart Day
Dog Creek FireSmart Day
School presentations
National Forest Week Event
Community Champion Workshop

Completed Home Partners Program assessments to 2020:
Twenty Home Partners assessments were completed throughout Nakusp and Area K. Assessments were completed for the Village of Nakusp properties, including the Hot Springs Chalets and buildings, Public works building and Village Office. 2020 assessments were down across all RDCK areas compared to previous years. In 2019, 31 Home partners Program assessments were completed, 9 in 2018 (no local Wildfire Mitigation Specialist in Nakusp) and 20 in 2017.

Other 2020 highlights include:

  • FireSmart information displays at four Nakusp Farmer’s Markets and two Edgewood Markets
  • Presentation to Village of Nakusp Council, July 2020
  • FireSmart Event with Area K Director Paul Peterson with West Arrow Park Residents
  • Post mail out for all of Nakusp and Area K – advertising Free FireSmart Assessments
  • FireSmart program advertising in Arrow Lakes News
  • Facebook posts on NACFOR and Village of Nakusp Facebook pages
  • Home Hardware FireSmart Display
  • Edgewood Elementary School Presentations
  • Fire Department/Brigade outreach and presentations – Burton, Edgewood, Nakusp
  • Community presentations in Nakusp, Burton and Fauquier
  • Nakusp Chamber of Commerce outreach
  • Halcyon Hot Springs and community outreach
  • FireSmart information display at Toad Fest Event – Summit Lake

Download the current Community Wildfire Protection Plan for the Village of Nakusp
Download the Assessment Application
RDCK Wildfire Mitigation information:
FireSmart Home Partners Program webpage:
FireSmart website:

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